I am my Father’s Daughter

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I am my Father’s Daughter is an exceptionally inspirational read! It’s simple yet powerful words not only educate the believers as to their TRUE identity but also contain healing, restoration, freedom, and fresh revelation on every page.

This book will strengthen the weak and challenge the strong. Each chapter is scripture-based, making this book multi-functional – serving as either a daily devotional or a mini Bible course.

Many women struggle with their identity due to abuse, rejection. low self-esteem, divorce, and more. Whatever the situation may be, knowing whose you are and who you are will bring them to the place of embracing true identity in God, for HE is our true Father.

This book addresses the real issues women face and gives practical solutions on how to overcome these challenges.

3 reviews for I am my Father’s Daughter

  1. Tamara Harris-Boman, Real Talk With THB

    Dr. Victoria Michaels has written an inspirational piece of work searing with poignancy and scriptural depth.
    Yet, most importantly its relevant to women’s lives everywhere. This book can be a daily devotional serving to affirm Kingdom Principles or impart them to you during your walk in life.
    If you are wondering will this book just sit on your shelf, the answer is probably and most definitely ‘not’. It’s just that powerful, and it is also a timely narrative since so much strife is going on in the world aimed to disembark women on the wrong journey: having babies in their teens, living together out of wedlock, dating abusive men, dropping out of college, or divorcing only to remarry and divorce again-this book is for all females no matter where we are in our lives. Above all it will help you find yourself and your purpose.

  2. Victorious

    I did not buy this book on Amazon, but bought it when Prophetess Michaels did a conference in my country. It is a wonderful book to read and have to refer to at all times. Will encourage anyone to buy.

  3. Elizabeth A.

    After only reading a few pages of this book, I knew immediately that I had purchased a treasure. Dr. Victoria Michaels encourages women young and old, through her experiences, through prayer, and through the Word of God. She makes it clear that God loves me unconditionally, simply because I am His daughter and nothing can ever change that! I found myself daily declaring the confession of who I am, which is found in the first few pages of the book: “I am the apple of His eyes…I am more than a conqueror…I will arise and shine…” and so much more! Everyone, both men and women, will benefit greatly from reading this book. It is indeed a treasure.

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